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“Travel On” we are doing business with all the renowned companies of Bangladesh. We are the Tour Operator in Bangladesh among those who are promoting tour programs at Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Dubai, Nepal, Sri-Lanka, Maldives, Bhutan, India and China & Hong Kong Soon we will start tour program in Egypt and Turkey also.

The main objective was to arrange outbound tour packages at minimum possible price. Today the company has its wide range of packages and has turned into the first choice of elite class people who want to travel world.

Since the beginning the company has been maintaining quality by efficient management and stuffs. Currently the “Travel On” is dealing with different types of packages in different countries; i.e. The Company has been expanding its product line day-by-day & achieving diversified package range in the tourism sector.

We have strong network in all over Bangladesh and we are selling our packages in all the big cities. They are very much active especially in Divisional cities like Chittagong, Sylhet etc.

Holiday Packages

Only Bangkok

3Days/2 Nights
Ticket & Route Information: Dac-Bkk-Dac by 4h
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Tk. 30,000/=

Only Kuala Lumpur

Ticket & Route Information: Dac-Kul-Dac by Regent Airways/OD
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Tk. 32000/=

Only Singapore

Ticket & Route Information: Dac-Sin-Dac by TR
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Tk. 47,000/=
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